Mike Kraemer

Senior Pastor

I grew up in the Bismarck area. While living here I learned to appreciate hard work, community, and the great outdoors. I fell in love with a beautiful girl from Gackle, ND and all 3 of our children were born in this state.

We have pastored in Carrington, Oakes and most recently a great church in Illinois. What kept coming up in the conversation in our home is our love for this part of the country and the people who live here. We couldn't shake it.

In January 2015 Latifah and I sold our home in Illinois and moved to Bismarck! We decided to invest the rest of our lives into this community and partnered with Fargo Prairie Heights to start a brand new church. Although there are great churches in the Bismarck area, there are still too many unchurched people.

Our mission is to connect those apart from God with Christ and a church family. I'd love for you to partner with us on this incredible journey! Together we can impact the lives of people across this great community!

Luke & Jenna Furlong

Grow Group Coordinators

Hi! We are Luke & Jenna Furlong. Our family moved to Bismarck from Oakes, ND. We have been blessed with 3 wonderful (and crazy) kids- Brayden, Brooke, and Otto. Together, we serve as the Grow Group Coordinators. Bismarck is a great place and we are excited to be a part of what God is doing here!