Current Series: Lost and Found

There is something powerful about a great story. Stories capture our attention and our hearts. Jesus was a brilliant storyteller, who left more than a legacy. He not only told stories; He lived a story. We are going to dig into three very simple stories that remind us of God's heart for people, his urgent search, the value he sees in each of us and how He welcomes us home, no matter what we've done in life.

Ransom's Kindness Card

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Upcoming Series: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Upcoming Series: Total Eclipse of the Heart

God designed the human heart for generosity. But we live in a world where our hearts' desires are so easily clouded by the endless pursuit of wealth, status, and security. We become influenced by popularity or misguided by shame, and our hearts are quickly covered by layers of consumerism and greed. What would happen if you began living what your heart authentically desires? Each week of this series, we will hear what Jesus has to say about our lives and our money, while we peel back the layers of living a full and generous life.

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