Current Series: The God I Wish You Knew

The way that people (even church people) understand God is all over the map. To some, God is a violent dictator crushing people under his feet. To others He's like a playful child, subjecting the world to His whims. Still others believe him weak, removed, and distant.
This series is designed to help you connect with the God we wish you knew, the God who is personal, present, caring, and powerful, the God who fills the void in your soul.

Baptism Sunday

Baptism Sunday

April 26th

If you are interested in being baptized or have questions, please Contact Us or fill out a Baptism card at church on Sunday.

Upcoming Series: Total Eclipse of the Heart

God designed the human heart for generosity. But we live in a world where our hearts' desires are so easily clouded by the endless pursuit of wealth, status, and security. We become influenced by popularity or misguided by shame, and our hearts are quickly covered by layers of consumerism and greed. What would happen if you began living what your heart authentically desires? Each week of this series, we will hear what Jesus has to say about our lives and our money, while we peel back the layers of living a full and generous life.

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