Current Series: Making of a Giant Killer

Current Series: Making of a Giant Killer

May 2019

David and Goliath is one of history's greatest knockout stories-small shepherd boy takes on fully-armored giant. Spoiler alert: The boy wins. But how? How does an ordinary young man defeat such a powerful opponent? It may have something to do with David embracing the role God designed just for him. He prepared for and sought after God's plans. What might God have prepared for you, and how can the choices you make today affect His plans for your future?

Upcoming Series: Most Interesting Man in the World

He hung out with people who were nothing like him. People who were nothing like him loved to hang out with him. To the discouraged, He was hope. To the prostitute, He was a second chance. To the religious elite, He was a menace.. Who was He? Maybe more important, who is He? Join us for "The Most Interesting Man in the World."

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